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Used Hyundai i20 for Sale

Get real value for money with a Used Hyundai i20 for Sale at Group 1 Hyundai in Gauteng and the Western Cape!

Since its local launch in 2012 (internationally the i20 has been around since 2008), the Hyundai i20’s popularity has quickly proven that we South African’s honestly do know a good thing when we see it. This phenomenal hatchback has remained at the top of the new and used vehicle sales charts thanks to its reliability, affordability and safety. Additionally the Hyundai Select Pre-Owned Pledge has helped to ensure that a Used i20 is possibly one of the best automotive investments you’ll ever make. It is literally a promise to you that when you purchase a Used Hyundai i20 of any year model, you are getting a quality vehicle that will save you thousands in fuel and vehicle costs without compromising on quality or value for money.

Packed with features like airbags, a Radio/CD/MP3/Aux/iPod/USB audio system, park assist (except 1.2 Motion) and electric windows, a Used Hyundai i20 makes urban commuting a breeze!

Two Generations of Pre-Owned Hyundai i20’s Available

While the Hyundai i20 is aimed at a new generation of drivers, the resale value and safety levels of a Used Hyundai i20 for Sale in South Africa has made it popular with drivers of all ages thanks to its powerful, yet fuel efficient engine. No matter whether you choose a 2014 or 2015 Used Hyundai i20, or even the newer generation 2016 or 2017 Used i20, the focus is always on safety and this is easily seen when you take into consideration that standard safety features for the i20 include its front and rear crumple zones, side impact bars, and airbags. If you’re lucky enough to purchase a 2017 or 2016 Used Hyundai i20 Glide model there are even more additional safety features, including 6 airbags! No matter which Used i20 you own however, you’re guaranteed that an i20 delivers maximum protection and safety for you and your family!

We at Group 1 Stock a wide range of Pre-Owned Hyundai i20’s. These include many of the following Hyundai year models and generations:

1st Generation Hyundai i20
2008 – 2014

The Hyundai i20 was designed in its entirety at Hyundai’s European technical centre in Rüsselsheim, and was intended as a replacement for the Hyundai Getz internationally. It was also the first Hyundai to be aimed primarily at the lucrative European supermini subcompact B segment of the automotive industry. Thanks to its generous cabin and luggage carrying capacity, as well as a host of safety and comfort features that were hardly ever seen in a car of this price, the Hyundai i20 fast became a sell-out success.

In 2012 an upgraded version of the Hyundai i20 went on sale internationally and was called the iGen i20. Locally in South Africa this is the model that we all got to love, thanks to the introduction of Hyundai’s new “Fluidic Sculpture” design philosophy and re-tuned Hyundai i20 engine options that came as standard on all local models.

Did You Know? The i20 has never been sold in South Korea, North America, or in the Philippines. Instead these three major markets only have the Hyundai Accent available to them. Thankfully we in South Africa are lucky enough to not only have the i20, but also the Accent on sale, which means that we have an excellent choice of vehicles on hand when it comes to purchasing both new and used Hyundai passenger vehicles.

1st Generation Hyundai i20 at a Glance

Power Train


  • 1.2L Petrol
  • 1.25L Petrol
  • 1.4L Petrol
  • 1.6L Petrol
  • 1.1L CRDi Diesel
  • 1.4L CRDi Diesel
  • 1.6L CRDi Diesel


  • 5-speed manual
  • 6-speed manual
  • 4-speed automatic

Also Called?

  • The Hyundai Click and the Inokom i20

Assembled In?

  • India
  • Turkey
  • India
  • Mozambique

Highest Safety Rating?

  • Maximum five star safety rating in the Euro NCAP Test


  • Hyundai Getz

2nd Generation Hyundai i20
2014 – Present

The international launch of the Second-Generation Hyundai i20 saw the introduction of a new look ‘Fluidic Sculpture 2.0’ design philosophy on the outside, and an interior overhaul that took an already impressive vehicle interior and made it even more ergonomically and visually superior. All of this was done while adding even more safety and comfort features to an already impressive selection. The boot space was also increased to a respectable 285 litres. Once again, this generation of i20 was developed at Hyundai’s design facilities in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

More than 10 variants of the Second-Generation Hyundai i20 have been launched globally, including a Hyundai i20 crossover in India that has been dubbed the ‘i20 Active’. This Crossover vehicle (CV) has been on sale since March, 2015 and includes roof rails, all round plastic cladding, and aluminium skid plates to give the vehicle a more robust and muscular look. Unfortunately, it is not currently available in South Africa.

Did You Know? The Hyundai World Rally Car is a purpose-built vehicle that has been racing since the 2014 World Rally Championship. It was designed and is currently run by Hyundai’s performance division, Hyundai Motorsport, which is headquartered in Germany.

2nd Generation Hyundai i20 at a Glance

Power Train


  • 1.0L Petrol
  • 1.2L Petrol
  • 1.25L Petrol
  • 1.1L CRDi Diesel
  • 1.4L CRDi Diesel


  • 5-speed manual
  • 6-speed manual
  • 4-speed automatic

Also Called?

  • Hyundai Elite i20

Assembled In?

  • India
  • Turkey
  • Iran

SA Model Variants Available?

  • 1.2 Motion
  • 1.2 Fluid
  • 1.4 Fluid Manual Transmission
  • 1.4 Fluid Automatic Transmission
  • 1.4 Fluid Infotainment
  • 1.4 N Series


  • The quietest cabin in supermini subcompact B segment vehicle class
  • Most legroom in supermini subcompact B segment vehicle class

The i20’s of the Past

The Hyundai i20 been available in South Africa since 2012, and in that time has seen not only one facelift, but also the introduction of a second generation of i20. To find out more about the Hyundai i20’s of the past and how their spec levels differed from what you get today, please download the i20 Brochures from the past in our brochure archive below.

Hyundai i20 Brochure Archive

We are trying to build a Hyundai i20 Brochure Archive to ensure that future generations of i20 drivers can look back on the interesting history of this cool car. To do this we have approached Hyundai South Africa and asked them to provide us with digital copies of older model Hyundai i20’s. As we receive them we will upload them to this site. We hope that you enjoy what we’ve been able to provide you access to below:

First Generation Hyundai i20 Brochures

*Brochure Disclaimer: While we endeavour to publish brochures pertaining to models with South African specifications, in some cases the brochures pertains to models that was available in other countries.

For a detailed look at the First Generation Used Hyundai i20 Brochures, please download them where available below:

Please Note! Due to the fact that the Hyundai i20 was only introduced to South Africa in 2012 there are no prior models available in the Hyundai i20 range. However the Hyundai Getz, which the i20 was designed and built to replace, is still regularly found in our Used Hyundai Cars Showrooms.

Second Generation Hyundai i20 Brochures

See the our new and Pre-Owned Hyundai i20 Brochures below, including the very much in demand Used Hyundai i20 2016 model:

A Used Hyundai i20 Can Be Yours Right Now!

Thanks to the fact that our Group 1 Showrooms are able to transport any car purchased from us to any part of South Africa, you can now take advantage of our Used Hyundai i20 Deals no matter where you live! With Showrooms in Midrand and Knysna we regularly help customers who are looking for a Second Hand Hyundai i20 for Sale in Cape Town, a Pre-Owned Hyundai i20 for Sale in Gauteng or even a Used Hyundai i20 for Sale in Durban.

Best Used Hyundai i20 Prices

All of our Used Hyundai i20’s and other pre-owned vehicles are offered at the best possible prices and have undergone a 25 Point Quality Check to ensure that each and every one of them are in perfect working order. We do this so that you can enjoy driving your Used i20 without having to worry about mechanical or any other quality issues. Contact us regarding our Used Hyundai i20 Prices today at:

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See the great value of a Used Hyundai i20 from Group 1 when you test drive one of these stunning vehicles today! Don’t hesitate, contact us using any of the contact details found on this site today and get yourself behind an affordable Hyundai i20 Today!


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